Buying a Home

As experienced Realtors, we will simplify the buying process to help
you make the best choices for your investment and see you through to a
successful closing while keeping the experience stress free and fun.
Here are the steps we will follow to help you get the most from your

1. Get a Realtor6. Seller reviews and accepts offer
2. Get Pre Approved7. Open Escrow
3. Go Shopping8. Inspections and Appraisals
4. Select the Perfect Home9. Finalize Loan
5. Make an Offer10. Sign the papers and get the keys!


Every person buying a home has different needs. We will be attentive and
use our real estate experience to help accomplish your real estate

Benefits from a Professional Realtor

Battle the Paperwork

Real estate agents deal with complicated contracts every day. Your
agent will easily negotiate the purchase contract and assist you
throughout the escrow process.

More Home Choices

Your real estate agent, through Multiple Listing Service (MLS), has
access to literally thousands of home listings throughout the state.

See the Process to Close

Transactions can fall apart before the closing. But a real estate
expert can negotiate and resolve problems to help see your transaction
to a successful closing.

Limit Your Liability

Your real estate agent can provide you with much needed legal and
financial protection.


Contact your mortgage lender

Get your pre-approval. This will help determine the price range to work
within for your new home. Your realtor can recommend several, if you
are unsure.

Buying Power

Your pre-approval will give you some buying power, as sellers will see
you are a capable buyer and more readily accept your offer.

Down Payment

Now is the time to organize your down payment and have your finances
available to open escrow.


Your real estate agent will help you determine what your most important
needs and wants in a home are.

Tell Your Agent What You Want

Vocalizing your priorities and needs will help your agent to quickly
assess which homes would best suit you.


Your experienced agent has access to thousands of homes. First your
agent will do extensive research to find appropriate homes for your

Start Shopping

The next step is to hit the pavement together and find the perfect


You’ve narrowed down which neighborhoods, school districts, price
range, and types of homes you want to move in. Now you just have to
choose the perfect home.

Evaluate Each Home

Your agent helps you to evaluate each home you view. Factoring in any
other observations that you may deem important: such as traffic flow,
noise levels, neighborhood appearance, flight patterns, safety of the
area, and local school reputation.

Select The Perfect Home

Based on this available information, you and your agent discuss and
evaluate each home determining which home is the best match for you and
your family’s needs.


You’ve decided, now it’s time to get to the business of buying that

Decide on the right Price

You’ve chosen the right home, now you and your real estate expert
decide on the appropriate price to offer for it.

Make an Offer

Your agent submits your offer and negotiates on your behalf.


The seller and the seller’s agent review all the offers that are made
on the property. Be prepared to see a counteroffer, in case that is the
next step.

Seller Accepts Your Offer

The seller’s agent gives a signed acceptance of your offer, including
any changes made during the negotiation process.


Escrow is opened by depositing your earnest money with the Title
Company. Your agent helps you understand the requirements of working
with an escrow agent to close the home successfully – and on time! The
earnest money is part of your down payment at the closing.


10 Day Inspection Period

Arizona allows a ten day inspection period.

Hire A Home Inspector

You will hire a home inspector to inspect the entire home and pool,
possibly a mold expert, and also a termite inspector.

Request Repairs

Based on the inspection results, you may ask that some of the repairs
be completed by the current owner. We will help you negotiate you thru
this critical process.

If the House is found Unsuitable

If there is anything non-cosmetic found within in the inspection period
that deems the house unsuitable for you, you can give written notice to
release you from the contract and return your earnest monies.

Hire an Appraiser

Your lender will hire an appraiser at your expense to appraise the
value of the home.


Your mortgage lender will help you with all of the documents that they
need to finalize your loan. Make sure you maintain good communication
so your loan officer receives all paperwork in a timely manner.

Sign Loan Papers

You will meet with the loan officer to sign all of your loan documents.


Title Company

Your title company will handle all of the paperwork. In Arizona, your
realtor acts as your legal representation.

Sign Title Papers

You will meet with the title company separately from the seller and
sign all of your paperwork.

Record Your Title papers

When the loan is recorded the title company will notify your real
estate agent.

Get the Keys

Your agent will give you the keys to your new home!!!!!